Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Last Gifts for Christmas Portland Saturday Market

Fest Days at Portland Saturday Market start today . .. we are open from Dec. 17th 11am to 5pm until Dec. 24th from 11am to 3:30pm.  The weekend days have the regular hours (Sat. 10am to 5pm and Sun. 11am to 4:30pm.  Come and get your last gifts and check out Mesman Images row 200 booth 216 by the food court.  Photography and Digital Paintings by Yvonne Mestre - Presentation by Michael Manahan.                                                                                                         and check out

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Portland Saturday Market - creative, original gifts

Visit Portland Saturday Market this weekend . . . not only is there much creative and original art to buy for gifts . . . the market's Waterfront is beautifully decorated with lit arches, giving a festive atmosphere for the upcoming holidays.  Check out Mesman Images row 200 booth 216 we have new bridge panels that now include the Tilicum Crossing Bridge.  Photographs and digital paintings by YvonneMestre. presentation by Michael Manahan.

Check the banner above, we will be open from December 17 to the 24th.

Da Vinci Arts Fair, Portland

da Vinci Arts Fair takes place this weekend Dec 6th and 7th (Sat. 10am-5pm - Sun. 10am - 4pm) at the da Vinci Arts Middle School 2508 NE Everett St. Portland.  There is free admission and a lot of originality and creativity
Come and visit the digital paintings by YvonneMestre of Mesman Images

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Da Vinci Arts Fair Dec.6th + 7th - Mesman Images

The da Vinci Arts Fair takes place this weekend Dec 6th and 7th (Sat. 10am-5pm - Sun. 10am - 4pm) at the da Vinci Arts Middle School 2508 NE Everett St. Portland.  There is free admission.  Many artists brought their work which can be great ideas for your gifts.
Also check out the digital paintings by Yvonne Mestre of Mesman Images - see above:
1) Oregon Landmarks
2) Intl. Rose Test Garden Portland
3) St. Johns Bridge Portland
4) Fantasy of the Portland Japanese Garden
These are canvases adhered to panels ready to hang

Saturday, November 22, 2014

The 12 bridges crossing the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon

Here is our new canvas/panel with the 12 bridges crossing the Willamatte River in Portland, including the beautiful new bridge Tilikum Crossing.  If you visit Portland Saturday Market this weekend, we will have two of the new bridge-panels . . . one in color and the one shown here.

 (digital painting by YvonneMestre)

Tilikum Crossing is the "Bridge of the People" and it is carrying Max trains, cyclists, and pedestrians . . .  NO CARS.

Photos by YvonneMestre, presentation by Michael Manahan

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Toy n Joy at the Waterfront - Portland Saturday Market

Toys for Tots was founded by Major Bill Hendricks in Los Angeles, CA in 1947 and the first toy was a handmade doll.

From 1946 until 1979, the Marines collected and distributed both new and used toys to poor kids. From 1980 on, however , the Marines collected and distributed only new toys.  In 1983, First Lady Nancy Reagan became the National Spokesperson for Toys for Tots.

 This year, the fact that Michael from Mesman Images is coordinating with Pat McMahon of Portland Fire and Rescue to create a toy-drop site at Portland Saturday Market for Toy n Joy makers brings back childhood memories . . . As kids, he and his brother, Jim, used to drop off toys at the Toys for Tots bins in Los Angeles.

Today, Michael is responsible for the presentation of Mesman Images' photographs and digital paintings, milling wood into stretcher bars, art panels, and frames.  He has also just added new carpeted walls to their booth #216 at Portland Saturday Market.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

St. Johns Bridge Portland, Oregon

We frequently hear visitors to our booth at Portland Saturday Market mistakenly call the St. Johns Bridge "Cathedral Bridge" and the Willamette River "St. Johns River"?    
Further, we heard one visitor tell his guests that the bridge was built over 200 years ago . . . Lewis and Clark would have really appreciated having the bridge waiting for them!

Come to Mesman Images booth 216 near the food court and see our pictures/canvases and digital paintings of Portland's most beautiful bridge or check out our YouTube video about the making of the picture below.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Jaliscos' Mexican Food and Halloween Art at Waterfront Park

This past weekend, Portland Saturday Market had a Jack-o-Lantern carving and painting contest.
Here are the winning Jack-o-Lanterns made by Sara from Jaliscos at the Portland Saturday Market food court, where Sara and her husband sell all natural Mexican food..  One would never expect that a food vendor would have such artistic talent as well.

Well, this weekend, after you have had a taste of Jaliscos' food, step across the aisle to Mesman Images . . . we don't have Sara's talent but we have a different one.

Digital paintings and photographs by Yvonne Mestre and presentation by Michael Manahan

Saturday, October 11, 2014

An out of the ordinary sight captured at Portland Saturday Market

Last Sunday, as we were standing in the back of our booth at Portland Saturday Market, we heard some children's voices ". . . for this food, thank you God".  Turning around, we found these three boys in front of three small piles of popcorn, praying.  
Their dad introduced us to 6 year old Angel, Christian 5, Ricky 3, and Dominique, the two year old, who decided to put off the popcorn for a nap.

Once you have strolled through Portland Saturday Market, stop at Mesman Images, row 200 booth 216 and check out our necklaces and wall decor.

Friday, October 3, 2014

The Moda Center in Pink and Portland Saturday Market ready for your visit

Did you see the pink lighting on Portland's Moda Center for Breast Cancer Awareness Month?  How great!  Pink lighting on the Rose Quarter in Portland to make people aware of an important cause.

Check out our booth in row 200 at Portland Saturday Market (Sundays Too).  You'll recognize us when you see this photo in front of our booth.  Mention this blog post and you'll get 10% off any purchase and we'll also donate 10% of the sale to the Komen Foundation.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Dean Caldwell, who climbed El Capitan in 1970, is at Portland Saturday Market every weekend

If you didn't attend the showing of the documentary Valley Uprising last night, you missed the story of our very own Dean Caldwell climbing Yosemite's El Capitan in 1970.  We don't know if one has to be crazy or immensely courageous to climb these very beautiful, vertical, and impressive granite walls.
Read Life Magaziene's article of Dean's drama. 

Valley Uprising was an extremely interesting documentary, showing the battle between those intense climbers, striving to be the first, best, or quickest to the top, and the park rangers, who were determined to enforce rules that restricted the freedoms of the adventurers who saw Yosemite National Park as their climbers' paradise.

Today, Dean has traded his climbing shoes for woodworking tools, as he creates inventive and practicle jewelry displays under the name Ear Nest.  His product's design is so original, it earned him a patent.

Every weekend, you can find him in the 200 row at Portland Saturday Market in Waterfront Park.

After buying one of Dean's jewelry displays, head north in the 200 row and check out Mesman Images' (space 216) Photography and Digital paintings.


Saturday, September 13, 2014

An unlikely performance of a dad and daughter

Check out this photograph!
Our friend Uli, a dad and musician
and his daughter, Uma, a gymnast
have put their talents together to
perform for Uli’s brother’s
wedding back in his native Italy.
Since awhile, Uli Kirchler has put
his music a bit on the back burner
to spend his time making spectacular
wooden vases which he sells at
Portland Saturday Market every

Uma practices gymnastics many hours at
her gym and the instructors would like to
increase this time . . . but Mom and Dad
said no . . . so Uma catches up those
hours at home with her gymnastic friends . . .
just for fun!

What a good idea to go from the US to a
family gathering in Italy with two talents
so unlikely to match!

By the way, we request a weekend performance
here in Portland!

Once you have checked out Uli's work, come across the path
to Mesman Images and look at our wall decor.

Mesman Images Row 200 booth 216
Photography Yvonne Mestre
Presentation Michael Manahan


Saturday, September 6, 2014

Portland Oregon Waterfront - Portland Saturday Market

After you had your coffee or lunch break at Portland Saturday Market (Saturday OR Sunday) come to Mesman Images . . . right at the food court (row 200 booth216) and have a look at our new canvas panels which are kitchen and bathroom safe.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

The weather forecast is perfect for a visit to the Portland Waterfront

Wow!   The weather forecast is promising for this weekend.  We just about thought that we'd lost the beautiful Oregon summers forever . . . the 90's dropped into the 70's and the "canicule" (French) has taken a welcome break.

 Here is a long lost view of a cloudy sky (taken yesterday) and . . . guess what . . . Portland Saturday Market is open all weekend and . . . we wont have to deal with  the scorching heat. 

Come and stroll through the Market  and stop at Mesman Images Row 200 space 216 to check out our photographs and digital paintings of beautiful Oregon.  Available as gallery wraps, canvas panels or matted and unmounted prints.  We are located close to the food court.
Photographs and digital paintings by Yvonne Mestre, presentation by Michael Manahan

Friday, August 22, 2014

Portland Saturday Market on the Waterfront this weekend in Portland, Oregon

Well . . . the weather decided to cool down just a bit for Saturday in Portland, Oregon . . . 84 degrees is quite a bit better than the mid to high 90's that we've had this summer . . . So, what will you do this weekend?  You will come down to the Portland Waterfront and visit the great and long-lasting (since 1974) Portland Saturday Market. Tour it first. . . before making your decision on what to buy.  Then, enjoy some of the world cuisine offered at the Market's Food Court.

Then, take a little nap along with the Canadian geese to digest.  Finally,

go to Mesman Images in Row 200, booth 216, to buy something beautiful  that will remind you of your visit to Oregon.  Maybe the  triptych of the St. Johns Bridge . . .
Mention this blog and get 15% off your purchase. 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Beautiful Pictures of Oregon - Portland Saturday/Sunday Market

After you visited the places shown on these digital paintings, come down to the Portland Saturday Market (open on Sundays too) to buy pictures to preserve your memories of beautiful Oregon.


You'll find these at Portland Saturday Market Mesman Images space 216 near the food court

digital paintings by Yvonne Mestre

  Oregon         Rose          St. Johns       Japanese
Landmarks   Garden         Bridge           Garden

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Portland Satuday Market just a few steps from the beginning and finishing of the Bridge Pedal in Portland, Oregon

If you are in town for the bridge pedal on Sunday dont forget to buy your souvenirs of the Portland Bridges at the Mesman Images booth 216 row 200 at Portland Saturday Market.  We have the ten Portland Bridges in single matted prints, different sizes, or on canvas, and even on magnets.  Your start and finish of the Bridge Pedal is just a few steps away from our market at Naito Parkway and Burnside.  Check out our youtube video "Ten Bridges Over the Willamette River in Portland Oregon" and one more video, but different

We're open all day Saturday and Sunday . . . the market has great food, the Waterfront has relaxing lawns . . . and the vendors sell nice gifts.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Magnets, Magnets, Magnets! Mesman Images at Portland Saturday Market

Today . . . let's have a look at Mesman Images' photo-magnet-factory locations. 

The loud and dirty work . . . cutting acrylic and sanding is done outdoors . . . although this depends on the time of day, because during quiet hours it is partially done in the basement or the garage and here and there the sound of the machinery is broken by a loud F... of Michael's voice.

 The cleaner work, like printing, pasting, gluing, and tagging begins in the home office, then travels throughout the rest of the house, from the dining room table to the coffee table and, then, for a short drying time, . . . the futur magnets get a relaxing break from the adhesives, sitting on the window sill or on the top of the TV, listening to MSNBC.  If space is an issue, any inch of the house that can hold the size of a magnet will do.

 The final stage takes place in the kitchen, under the watchful eye of our assistant, Sophie the dog. 

One more thing before packing . . . during the last drying session, we admire our work, which is hand-made from scratch here in Portland, using materials bought from 4 local businesses.  Buying our magnets supports five Portland businesses.

So, come and check out these photographic magnets, which show you the great places here in Oregon.  We are at Portland Saturday Market (Sundays Too!) which is the only juried market at the Portland Waterfront . . . not to be confused with the Skidmore Market or the World Market. 
We'll see you there . . . at Mesman Images, Row 200, Space 216 near the food court.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

People of all ages can have an interest and fun at Portland Saturday Market

For any age, there's something interesting and fun to see, to do, to eat, to drink, or to buy at Portland Saturday Market (Open on Sundays Too!).

Just like these two cute girls, playing with their ballons while Dad waits for the food that he ordered and Mom looks in a booth nearby for some new original wall decor.

Come and see our new Japanese Garden canvas panels.  We are Mesman Images Row 200 Space 216 near the Food Court on the Waterfront.

photographs by YvonneMestre

Mesman Images' new Japanese Garden Canvas/Panels

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Friday, June 27, 2014

It is Summer! Portland's Waterfront and its multiple fun things to do.

This last weekend of June is perfect to show Portland visitors a nice day at Waterfront Park.  While on Sunday it will be a beautiful day in the upper 60's . . . it will pretty much be a dry day on Saturday, although the forecast includes three of those very SPECTACULAR and EXTREMELY SHORT showers as we have experienced the last 2 days.

 Well . . . during the first shower at 10am, you can visit the Portland Saturday Market and stroll under the canopies, the bridge, and the plinth . . . decide what would you like to take home at the end of the day . . . choose . .  and . . . pick it up as you leave in the evening!
The second shower, at 1pm, is a good time to visit our Pee and Poop facilites . . . they're well organized due the fact that everyone has to wait for his or her turn 
then visit our food court featuring good food from very different parts of the world and have a meal under our large canopy with ample seating while your kids have fun in the fountain and the rain nearby.   Bon app├ętit!

The 4pm shower . . . no reason to explain what happens . . . go to Mesman Images (row 200 space 216) and pick up the canvas or the print you studied in the morning, while you tried to locate the 9 wonderful landmarks included in YvonneMestre's digital painting.  By the way . . . Mesman Images does ship  . . and . . . ships only at cost  . . . no fee.

AND . . . if you saw this blog ask for 15% discount!

The rest of the day have fun at Waterfront Park!