Saturday, September 13, 2014

An unlikely performance of a dad and daughter

Check out this photograph!
Our friend Uli, a dad and musician
and his daughter, Uma, a gymnast
have put their talents together to
perform for Uli’s brother’s
wedding back in his native Italy.
Since awhile, Uli Kirchler has put
his music a bit on the back burner
to spend his time making spectacular
wooden vases which he sells at
Portland Saturday Market every

Uma practices gymnastics many hours at
her gym and the instructors would like to
increase this time . . . but Mom and Dad
said no . . . so Uma catches up those
hours at home with her gymnastic friends . . .
just for fun!

What a good idea to go from the US to a
family gathering in Italy with two talents
so unlikely to match!

By the way, we request a weekend performance
here in Portland!

Once you have checked out Uli's work, come across the path
to Mesman Images and look at our wall decor.

Mesman Images Row 200 booth 216
Photography Yvonne Mestre
Presentation Michael Manahan


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