Monday, December 8, 2008

2009 Japanese Garden Calendar

©Portland Japanese Garden / David M. Cobb

If anyone on your gift list enjoys scenic calendars and you'd like to support a good cause, the Portland Japanese Garden is currently selling their 2009 calender as part of their fund-raising efforts. Featuring images of the garden taken throughout the year, the full-color pages measure 12" x 12".

The calendars can be purchased at the garden's gift shop or online along with other unique gifts here: 2009 Japanese Garden Calendar

What is the Portland Japanese Garden?

In 1958, when Portland became a sister city of Sapporo, Japan,
a broad interest in Japanese culture was created.

On June 4, 1962, the City Council created a commission to
establish a Japanese garden on the site of the former
Washington Park Zoo.

In 1963, professor Takuma Tono was commissioned to design
and supervise the developement of the garden. In the summer
of 1967, the Portland Japanese Garden formally opened to the

The 5.5-acre Japanese Garden is composed of five separate
garden styles:
a Strolling Pond Garden
a Tea Garden
a Natural Garden
a Flat Garden
a Sand and Stone Garden

In 1988, His Excellency Nobuo Matsunaga, Ambassador from
Japan to the United States, proclaimed it to be “the most
beautiful and authentic Japanese garden in the world outsite
of Japan.”

Source: Japanese Garden Society of Oregon

Some of our own images of the garden appear on our website:

Japanese Garden Triptychs
Another Japanese Garden Triptych
Alternate Frame
One More Japanese Garden Triptych
Alternate Frame

Portland Japanese Garden
611 SW Kingston Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97205

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