Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A beautiful day at Cannon Beach, Oregon

Mesman Images is hard at work preparing for 2014 sales . . . new pictures, new canvases, new ideas, new displays, new set-ups for the coming season of outdoor markets, work on our Website and our two Etsy shops . . . all keeping us more than busy.  We're on hiatus from our outdoor shows during January and February but we're are still open for business Online and by Phone, Email, and appointment.  While January isn't the best month to photograph landscapes, the weather lately has been quite accommodating, as the sample above shows. . .



Monday, January 13, 2014

The Oregon Public House in Portland

Having heard about the seven-month-old Oregon Public House here in Portland, we went to check it out the other night.  Per the pub's promotional material:

"The Pub is a Public Benefit nonprofit located in the heart of the Woodlawn Neighborhood in NE Portland. Three years in the making, created, remodeled and opened by volunteers, with zero debt". 
Here's the kicker: Every penny that the pub earns goes to one of the several designated charities that the pub supports; when you purchase your food and drink, you tell the cashier which charity you want your money to go to. Check this place out. . . . it's great!!  And . . . by the way, we ate the best spinach salad ever!  more info

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

The best for 2014 from Portland, Oregon!

Here's a last look at Portland, Oregon's skyline for all people who are leaving town after having spent the holidays with family.  We wish you all bon voyage, good weather at your destinations, and most of all, the best for 2014!                                                                                            Mesman Images