Saturday, August 30, 2014

The weather forecast is perfect for a visit to the Portland Waterfront

Wow!   The weather forecast is promising for this weekend.  We just about thought that we'd lost the beautiful Oregon summers forever . . . the 90's dropped into the 70's and the "canicule" (French) has taken a welcome break.

 Here is a long lost view of a cloudy sky (taken yesterday) and . . . guess what . . . Portland Saturday Market is open all weekend and . . . we wont have to deal with  the scorching heat. 

Come and stroll through the Market  and stop at Mesman Images Row 200 space 216 to check out our photographs and digital paintings of beautiful Oregon.  Available as gallery wraps, canvas panels or matted and unmounted prints.  We are located close to the food court.
Photographs and digital paintings by Yvonne Mestre, presentation by Michael Manahan

Friday, August 22, 2014

Portland Saturday Market on the Waterfront this weekend in Portland, Oregon

Well . . . the weather decided to cool down just a bit for Saturday in Portland, Oregon . . . 84 degrees is quite a bit better than the mid to high 90's that we've had this summer . . . So, what will you do this weekend?  You will come down to the Portland Waterfront and visit the great and long-lasting (since 1974) Portland Saturday Market. Tour it first. . . before making your decision on what to buy.  Then, enjoy some of the world cuisine offered at the Market's Food Court.

Then, take a little nap along with the Canadian geese to digest.  Finally,

go to Mesman Images in Row 200, booth 216, to buy something beautiful  that will remind you of your visit to Oregon.  Maybe the  triptych of the St. Johns Bridge . . .
Mention this blog and get 15% off your purchase. 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Beautiful Pictures of Oregon - Portland Saturday/Sunday Market

After you visited the places shown on these digital paintings, come down to the Portland Saturday Market (open on Sundays too) to buy pictures to preserve your memories of beautiful Oregon.


You'll find these at Portland Saturday Market Mesman Images space 216 near the food court

digital paintings by Yvonne Mestre

  Oregon         Rose          St. Johns       Japanese
Landmarks   Garden         Bridge           Garden

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Portland Satuday Market just a few steps from the beginning and finishing of the Bridge Pedal in Portland, Oregon

If you are in town for the bridge pedal on Sunday dont forget to buy your souvenirs of the Portland Bridges at the Mesman Images booth 216 row 200 at Portland Saturday Market.  We have the ten Portland Bridges in single matted prints, different sizes, or on canvas, and even on magnets.  Your start and finish of the Bridge Pedal is just a few steps away from our market at Naito Parkway and Burnside.  Check out our youtube video "Ten Bridges Over the Willamette River in Portland Oregon" and one more video, but different

We're open all day Saturday and Sunday . . . the market has great food, the Waterfront has relaxing lawns . . . and the vendors sell nice gifts.