Saturday, August 30, 2014

The weather forecast is perfect for a visit to the Portland Waterfront

Wow!   The weather forecast is promising for this weekend.  We just about thought that we'd lost the beautiful Oregon summers forever . . . the 90's dropped into the 70's and the "canicule" (French) has taken a welcome break.

 Here is a long lost view of a cloudy sky (taken yesterday) and . . . guess what . . . Portland Saturday Market is open all weekend and . . . we wont have to deal with  the scorching heat. 

Come and stroll through the Market  and stop at Mesman Images Row 200 space 216 to check out our photographs and digital paintings of beautiful Oregon.  Available as gallery wraps, canvas panels or matted and unmounted prints.  We are located close to the food court.
Photographs and digital paintings by Yvonne Mestre, presentation by Michael Manahan

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