Saturday, November 22, 2014

The 12 bridges crossing the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon

Here is our new canvas/panel with the 12 bridges crossing the Willamatte River in Portland, including the beautiful new bridge Tilikum Crossing.  If you visit Portland Saturday Market this weekend, we will have two of the new bridge-panels . . . one in color and the one shown here.

 (digital painting by YvonneMestre)

Tilikum Crossing is the "Bridge of the People" and it is carrying Max trains, cyclists, and pedestrians . . .  NO CARS.

Photos by YvonneMestre, presentation by Michael Manahan

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Toy n Joy at the Waterfront - Portland Saturday Market

Toys for Tots was founded by Major Bill Hendricks in Los Angeles, CA in 1947 and the first toy was a handmade doll.

From 1946 until 1979, the Marines collected and distributed both new and used toys to poor kids. From 1980 on, however , the Marines collected and distributed only new toys.  In 1983, First Lady Nancy Reagan became the National Spokesperson for Toys for Tots.

 This year, the fact that Michael from Mesman Images is coordinating with Pat McMahon of Portland Fire and Rescue to create a toy-drop site at Portland Saturday Market for Toy n Joy makers brings back childhood memories . . . As kids, he and his brother, Jim, used to drop off toys at the Toys for Tots bins in Los Angeles.

Today, Michael is responsible for the presentation of Mesman Images' photographs and digital paintings, milling wood into stretcher bars, art panels, and frames.  He has also just added new carpeted walls to their booth #216 at Portland Saturday Market.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

St. Johns Bridge Portland, Oregon

We frequently hear visitors to our booth at Portland Saturday Market mistakenly call the St. Johns Bridge "Cathedral Bridge" and the Willamette River "St. Johns River"?    
Further, we heard one visitor tell his guests that the bridge was built over 200 years ago . . . Lewis and Clark would have really appreciated having the bridge waiting for them!

Come to Mesman Images booth 216 near the food court and see our pictures/canvases and digital paintings of Portland's most beautiful bridge or check out our YouTube video about the making of the picture below.