Friday, June 27, 2014

It is Summer! Portland's Waterfront and its multiple fun things to do.

This last weekend of June is perfect to show Portland visitors a nice day at Waterfront Park.  While on Sunday it will be a beautiful day in the upper 60's . . . it will pretty much be a dry day on Saturday, although the forecast includes three of those very SPECTACULAR and EXTREMELY SHORT showers as we have experienced the last 2 days.

 Well . . . during the first shower at 10am, you can visit the Portland Saturday Market and stroll under the canopies, the bridge, and the plinth . . . decide what would you like to take home at the end of the day . . . choose . .  and . . . pick it up as you leave in the evening!
The second shower, at 1pm, is a good time to visit our Pee and Poop facilites . . . they're well organized due the fact that everyone has to wait for his or her turn 
then visit our food court featuring good food from very different parts of the world and have a meal under our large canopy with ample seating while your kids have fun in the fountain and the rain nearby.   Bon appétit!

The 4pm shower . . . no reason to explain what happens . . . go to Mesman Images (row 200 space 216) and pick up the canvas or the print you studied in the morning, while you tried to locate the 9 wonderful landmarks included in YvonneMestre's digital painting.  By the way . . . Mesman Images does ship  . . and . . . ships only at cost  . . . no fee.

AND . . . if you saw this blog ask for 15% discount!

The rest of the day have fun at Waterfront Park!

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