Saturday, November 16, 2013

Small Business Saturday

Who decided that Small Business Saturday would be best placed between Black Friday and Cyber Monday?!  That person didn't have much concern for small businesses, who get crushed by Black Friday sales where everyone buys big screen TVs, cell phones, computers and so on, while on Monday the plan is to spend the day sitting in front of a computer screen, spending . . .  spending . . .  spending.

We have a great idea . . . come down to Portlands's Waterfront Park and spend some of your Cyber money on gifts that are handmade here in the US; here at Portland Saturday Market, originality and creativity is hard at work, all year 'round.  Visit ourbooth #208 under the Burnside Bridge -Mesman Images- & check out our digital paintings & fine art photography.  Mention this post & get 10% off. 

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