Friday, November 1, 2013

Grotesque Halloween

 Last night, Halloween, was the year's last Last Thursday on Alberta, here in Portland.  And. . . it was grotesque!  While on all other Last Thursdays the street was closed to traffic, yesterday it was re-opened and it seemed like the public said, "Let's go elsewhere" . . . Those of us who very much needed to add some sales to our bottom line were there only to watch kids trick-or-treat in the early evening and contemplate the empty streets once it was dark.

What's so terrible is that, we, the artists, who have for years helped to get people interested in Alberta's Art Walk every Last Thursday, have been forgotten as the event has been transformed into  a "Drink Fest".

Hello Portland, . . . how about reinstating an Art Walk on Alberta or elsewhere in the city, to thank Portland's art community for its efforts to put Alberta's Last Thursday on the map.

This weekend, come visit the Mesman Images booth #208 at Portland Saturday Market, beneath the Burnside Bridge.  By the way, the Market is also open on Sundays!

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