Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Michelle Obama's Campaign for Healthier Food

When I first came to America I had no idea that salted butter even existed! I was first introduced to it during a meal at a chain restaurant in Los Angeles.

I had just tasted my green beans when I called the waitress over to tell her that they weren’t salted. She gave me a puzzled look and gestured to a small dish on the table, containing pads of butter.

Unsure of why she'd want me to add butter to my veggies, I tried a little of the spread on a piece of bread and . . . there it was -- salty butter.

I was reminded of this last night, when I saw Michelle Obama on Larry King Live, talking about the unhealthy food in school cafeterias. I couldn’t agree more with the Obamas regarding the need for healthier food for kids. Let’s hope that this current push towards better food in cafeterias also spreads to our restaurants! (Restaurants that everyone can afford, that is!)

Etsy Artist of the Day:

We LOVE the work of Melbourne-based artist Ember Fairbairn-Ramsay! Nothing we could say about her art could be as effective as you viewing it for yourself! You can see her work in her Etsy Shop , become a fan on her Facebook Fan Page , and watch her YouTube Video.

Thanks for supporting independent artists and buying hand-made!


Ember said...

thanks so much. The blog is looking great but i wont waste anymore space, but am going to have a nice juicy read...
of your blog of course

Ember said...

Ive got to say ( having visited the u.S as a child) that going there as a child on holiday was the one and only time i had ever put on weight, 2 stone! We just didnt have the option of those foord choices and admittedly i wasnt as active as we were touring around sitting down alot, but thats alot of weight. needless to say my mother whipped me back into shape when i got home...

treasurefield said...

I agree with you on all three counts --about supporting independent artists, about Ember's art being just dreamy! and about Mrs. Obama's convictions regarding school lunches. My son just started public school this year (after homeschooling through 8th grade) and I'm just appalled at the junk food & soft drinks the high school offers the students.
In my opinion, restaurants would be smart to make healthier choices available, too.
They should listen to us bloggers.

BTW, your fine art photography is dreamy, too!