Tuesday, February 9, 2010


We recently received a gift in the form of a ceramic flower pot containing a thick layer of moss. Hidden within was a bulb that sprouted a large stem at an almost alarming rate. It grew so fast that you could almost follow its progress just by staring at it for a few minutes. It wasn’t exactly beautiful, but it was certainly interesting and it seemed determined to reach the lamp that was hanging high above it. Then, practically from one day to the next, it exploded with these spectacular blooms.

Since the first flowers appeared, it has continuously been covered with these huge clusters of pink and white. From now on, we’ll be less skeptical as these bizarre plants grow their stems, knowing that there’s quite a show ahead when they bloom. By the way, we read on Wikipedia that other names that Amaryllis go by are “Belladonna Lily” or “Naked Ladies”.

Etsy Artist of the Day:

Is food art? It certainly is at Las Vegas-based Yummy Affair! Take a look at the goodies above and tell us that your mouth isn't watering! Fortunately, with Yummy Affair, what happens in Vegas doesn't have to stay in Vegas! You can order these delicious treats and have them shipped anywhere in the U.S.A.! Here's a link to Yummy Affair's Etsy Shop.

As always, thanks for supporting independent artists and buying hand-made!

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