Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy New Year

© Mesman Images

The New Year brought a close to our busiest holiday season ever. On top of the usual December rush and exhibiting at Studio 101, the shows we had going on at the Japanese Garden and at Coopers Coffee really kept us occupied.

The "Through the Lens" show at the Japanese Garden was a great venue that gave us an opportunity to sell our framed and matted prints, note cards, and magnets. The garden did a great job of converting their pavillion into an art gallery. It was a very classy place to shop for gifts or to simply enjoy the work of the 13 participating photographers.

Coopers Coffee provided us with a large space on which to hang a number of our framed images. After enjoying multiple sales there, we closed out that show by selling a small version of our popular Portland neon sign collage shown above.

Now that those two shows are over, we'll take a little time to improve our presence online.

It was great to have family visiting over the holidays! When you work long hours, seven days a week as we do, it means a lot to be able to spend a little time with loved ones and escape the daily grind. As always, it went by way too fast . . .

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