Sunday, January 13, 2008

Are Chinese-Made Pet Toys Safe?

German Shepherd Puppy
©Mesman Images

With all of the panic about the safety risks of Chinese-made toys for children, why haven't we heard anything at all about Chinese-made toys for pets? After all, it seems that the biggest risk for the children's toys is that they might place something toxic into their mouths. Well, the whole point of pet toys IS to place it in the mouth!

Every time we hear about the risk of lead poisoning, they always say that lead is most hazardous to children AND PETS! So, if the Chinese manufacturers have no qualms about putting lead in our children's toys, why wouldn't we assume that they'd do the same thing to our pets?

Our dog, Lucie, has an arsenal of squeeky toys, all of which were purchased through reputable pet shops. So, we gave those toys a close look the other day and, lo and behold, every last one of them says "Made in China".

We think this is a matter that should absolutely be looked into. Don't you?

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