Saturday, April 19, 2014

Weekend at Portland Oregon's Waterfront

Did you know that there are actually three different weekend markets at Portland's Waterfront?

The oldest, existing since 1974, is the only juried one.  Portland Saturday Market (open on Sundays too!) doesn't allow imports from China, nor can its vendors sell items that aren't handmade or selfmade.  Portland Saturday Market is not to be confused with the Skidmore Market and World Market, both of which are set up right next to the Portland Saturday Market, and selling items originating from anywhere in the world.

Check out the quality of the creative items sold at Portland Saturday Market  (Sat10am to 5pm and Sun 11am to 4:30pm)  and come visit us at the Mesman Images booth on the waterfront space 216 near the food-court and get 10% off any purchase.

Fall at Portland Japanese Garden, photographed by Yvonne Mestre - available as a canvas or fine art print

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