Thursday, April 17, 2014

Taxes are in the mail - how about doing them differently next year?


When money is tight and - - having a small business, time is scarce - - the workload suddenly triples when you're forced to be your own accountant.  We've spent countless hours crushing the cushions on our seats while entering mountains of COMPLICATED data into TurboTax.

Tuesday night on "All In With Chris Hayes", Ezra Klein discussed a solution that could end all of this madness: Uncle Sam should fill out our taxes for us!  The IRS already has most if the info it needs to do this, anyway!  One study that Klein cited found that such a system would save 245,000,000 hours that Americans waste doing their tax returns and would save over two billion dollars spent on  accounting fees and software.  The taxpayer would have final say on whether to sign the return or opt to file one on their own.

Following a test run of such a program in California, 98% of participants liked it so much that they said they'd do it again.  Count us in! Mesman Images


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