Monday, October 20, 2008

New Pet Photo Night Lights

We're now offering acrylic night-lights featuring images of YOUR pets! We've been selling a variety of night-lights for some time now, and we've often been asked, "Can you make one of my cat or my dog?" We've even had one guy ask us to make one out of the squirrel he always feeds in his front yard. So, by popular demand. . . We'll be happy to make a custom night-light featuring your pet (or anything else you'd like a night-light of, within reason) for $25 each. That's a modest mark-up of a few bucks from our usual night-lights, but that's just to cover the additional prep work. You can order these lights on Etsy, here at out MesmanToo shop. Or, go to our regular shop at and e-mail us your request so we can place it online as a special order.

1 comment:

Zarebski said...

What a lovely idea.... It's both a night lamp plus the potrait of your pet too.