Friday, October 31, 2008

New and Improved Clear Bags

Coquille River Lighthouse, Bandon, Oregon - Copyright Mesman Images

If you use resealable "Clear Bags" to package your prints or note cards, at one time or another, you've probably opened one up, then, before resealing it, the adhesive has either touched the print or otherwise given you fits. Now, that problem has been solved!

Clear bags is offering a number of sizes with the adhesive on the sleeve, rather than the flap. This means that you can take out a print or card, then re-use the sleeve, without the adhesive getting anywhere near the printed surface. Clearbags with the adhesive on the sleeve are identified by the letters "PC" following the stock number. So, a sleeve that holds a 5 x7 note card and envelope would be # B75PC. And, remember, Clearbags are always less expensive if you buy them online, directly from the manufacturer, at

One more thing: they are now making environmentally-friendly, biodegradable sleeves as well. Info on this special new product can be found through this link: Earth-friendly Clear Bags

Etsy Artist of the Day:

Today, we'd like to draw your attention to a graphic artist living in the faraway land of Singapore. Her name is Vera, but on Etsy she goes by Lemon Shortbread. Her colorful artwork includes the two ACEO's shown above, both of which are based on fashion from other eras. Please visit Vera's Etsy shop and. . . Thanks for buying hand-made!


Lemon Shortbread said...

Thank you so much for featuring me! I'll remember to mention your blog on my next post! =)

Grooveycrafts said...

Those plastic bags sound great, I've never come across those before but I know about the fits side of things!

I love Lemon Shortbreads shop and the artist is so friendly too :)