Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Rose Festival is Over

Well, we survived another two weekends of the Rose Festival. The massive Navy ships have come and gone. The Grand Floral Parade actually enjoyed decent weather for once. There was a near collision of two Dragon boats. Summer is officially here. Now, if it would just warm up a bit!

The collage shown above is one that we've created using some of our images of the Portland Japanese Garden. We love the fact that the giant pagoda lanterns are lit, a rare sight that we were lucky enough to see last fall. Prints of this collage are available via our Etsy listing.

Etsy Artist of the Day:

Our featured Etsy shop of the day is Dallas-based Kute Klipboards by Amy. Amy creates these unusual items by embellishing otherwise ordinary clipboards using a variety of materials. And, each one is truly unique, as she says that she's never repeated a design! You can purchase Amy's "Klipboards" here at her Etsy Shop.

Thanks for supporting Etsy artists and buying hand-made!

Japanese Garden Collage © Mesman Images

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Pretty Fun said...

The collage is beautiful!