Friday, May 23, 2008

Have a Great Memorial Day Weekend

Here's wishing everyone a a wonderful three-day weekend! Of course, we'll be spending ours down at the Portland Saturday Market. While enjoying the time off, don't forget to think about all of the soldiers whom this holiday honors; the sacrifices made by them (and their families) should always be remembered and appreciated!

The image above is yet another version of one of our favorite Japanese Maples at the Portland Japanese Garden. It's amazing how these trees go through such a progression of colors throughout the seasons. This one was taken this spring.

Etsy Artist of the Day:

Today, we call your attention to artist Jennifer Desjardins, whose Etsy shop is known as Distressing Delilah's. Though the pieces shown here, called Winter Rose Necklace and Golden Love Necklace, are jewelry, Jennifer is also talented in other mediums, as you'll see when you visit her shop!

You can purchase these necklaces on Etsy:
Winter Rose Necklace
Golden Love Necklace

Visit Jennifer's shop at Distressing Delilah's.

As always, thanks for supporting Etsy artists and buying hand-made!

Japanese Maple at Portland Japanese Garden © Mesman Images


Distressing Delilah said...

What a suprise! And thank you so much! LOVE your work btw!

Beat Black said...

thats such a beautiful tree and distressing delilah,you really are talented! lol

mizpah said...

Absolutely wonderful necklaces. Especially the Golden Love Version. I know only and for searching jewellery. Please also let me know other sites you like. I like your taste.