Friday, October 5, 2007

First Thursday in the Pearl District

Snowy scene at Timberline, Oregon
Last night, we sold our photography at the First Thursday artwalk in the Pearl District. After hearing one dire weather forecast after another, Mother Nature had mercy and it didn't rain, so we were pretty relieved about that.

Our favorite sale of the night was to an adolescent boy whose parents let him chose images to decorate his room. The kid seemed to really have an eye for what he liked and didn't like. Extremely quickly he matched two images together that were very different subjects, yet the colors went well together. Then, he asked his mom for her opinion. She agreed with his choices, which were the "cloud mountain" shown above and the shot of Wizard Island at Crater Lake, Oregon, shown below. All in all, the kid made very tasteful choices. We were really impressed by this kid's artistic sensibility and we asked ourselves if he developed this on his own or if one of his parents had an artistic background. At any rate, it made us proud that, with infinite possibilities, he chose our work to decorate his room.

Crater Lake, Oregon
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